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My name is RED

Allow me to Introduce myself, My Name is Ridwan "Red" Nazir. I have been a Fitness Professional Trainer for 11 years. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Physical Education, Certified IFPA Trainer both in Personal Training & Nutrition, Certified REPS UAE Trainer & CPR Certified. Moreover, I have designed a Training Program called RITS (Resistance Integrated Training System) which allows my clients to burn fat & build muscles in a shorter period of time. The Program focuses on Biomechanics of Human Body while keeping the significant amount of tension on targeted muscle and or muscle group with the help of TUT (Time Under Tension) by reducing the tempo on Eccentric Phase & engaging the muscle fibers in Concentric Phase of the exercises. This allows muscle fibers to cause more microtears. Thus, grow stronger & bigger more efficiently. The more skeletal muscles, the more our BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) increases. This further allow us to stay under calorie deficit while we get to enjoy our favourite meal & yet still burn significant amount of body fat. Also, I focus on customizing training programs & diet plans for my clients according to their fitness level, stress level, eating habits & overall lifestyles. As a Professional Trainer, I do understand we all are different & one plan doesn't fit all. Book a FREE Consultation Session to know more how I can help you to reach your Fitness Goals whatever they may be. Now is the Time!

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